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 So I just bought Skyrim.

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PostSubject: Re: So I just bought Skyrim.   Tue 22 Nov 2011, 12:25 am

I have no idea why, but I have bipolar swings from thinking I'm the coolest thing ever to thinking I'm such a noob. AM I DOING ANYTHING RIGHT OR WRONG. I DON'T KNOW. AHHHHH. It's scary but I love it. >.<

Also is it normal to think your character is the sexiest thing ever? Because mine is. He has swagger with his stick-thin arms and stealth fails. He most certainly does. B)

Also. Dragons. I'm Level 7 right now, and I want to know when exactly I should be going out and killing them, because the last time I tried I ended up misjudging the height of a jump and falling to my death. I have the bow, I have the healing potions...


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PostSubject: Re: So I just bought Skyrim.   Tue 22 Nov 2011, 6:01 am

Skyrim = game of the year

I love how its more like Morrowind than Oblivion. Oblivion you walk around from level 1 slaying everything in your path. Morrowind and Skyrim you gotta try desperately to survive.

Anyways, I just picked up Skyrim so now I can type here!

When I first played Morrowind I was an Orc. When I first played Oblivion I was a Dark Elf. This time around all will tremble before the presence of the mighty Khajit!

For the past three days I just did a small amount of the main quest. I have pretty much just been wandering the map. I got my ass kicked by a lot of stuff all ready lol. I finally defeated my first mammoth yesterday and my first non-storyline dragon. I been searching high and low for the damn Lover's Stone. It led me to finding the Red Eagle sword which was hella hard to get. Still no sight of the stone yet though.

I reached lvl 15 and I think that's what you have to get at to make the dragons start random spawning on the map. I got my guy going One handed sword with the ever handy restoration spell. I noticed it helps a lot to keep the healing spell in your hand especially when you come across some badass monster.

For killing the mammoths, what I did was pretty simple. Find some rocks the Mammoth can't get on, or a narrow path between rocks to hide in and peg that sucker full of arrows. At least that's what worked for me until a giant showed up all pissed off that i killed his mammoth.

Well I could rave more on Skyrim, but I have to get myself showered and ready. I hope I get off work early today, my Khajit has monsters to kill and treasure to steal.
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So I just bought Skyrim.
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