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 FTL and a possible theory

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PostSubject: FTL and a possible theory   Thu 08 Dec 2011, 3:20 pm

I was in the car with my older brother when we were driving home one day and something about a particular subject had me intrigued.

Apparently there is a theory that if light were to travel or move faster than itself, it would become solid matter. Some scientists put something in a chamber (light obviously) and, really, don't ask me to explain because I've been wondering this myself. They machine sped up the atoms and photons and eventually became solid matter.

Not only does this give some ideas on how things in the universe were created, it also opens up new ideas. Evidence of God? Possibly advanced space travel? I'm not quite sure what this means for us, but before we go thinking about the possibilities, we have to think about whether or not this is real and how it works. I'm actually wondering how they "caught light" or have light in a chamber. Placing a light bulb and just working off of that light?

And how does it become solid?



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PostSubject: Re: FTL and a possible theory   Tue 13 Dec 2011, 1:10 am

Lets talk a little on light and see if it illuminates what is what. (See wut I did thar, light, illuminating, cause light illu.... OK)

Light is a particle, and it is a wave.

Particle-wave duality. That is light.

It travels like a wave, but it interacts with matter like a particle.

Particle or not, light has NO mass. People argue this point but finally get shown their error, light has zero mass.

When an object gets closer to the speed of light, it starts to stretch, getting thinner and thinner. Imagine a ship turning into a noodle when it gets close to the speed of light. Once at the speed of light, the object will be 0 meters wide. Basically put, it is so thin you cannot even see it or measure it, it is a pinpoint in width now.

That is not all.

An object also gets more massive, it weighs more basically, the closer to the speed of light it gets. At the speed of light, its density is infinity.

Now, something with infinity density, and extremely small pinpoint, as a ship would do if it went the speed of light, is a cosmic phenomena.

That is called a singularity, a black hole. So you not only destroy your ship, you create a black hole that starts eating stuff around it.

But do not worry, that cannot happen.

See, inertia. The more dense an object, the stronger the outside force is needed to move it.

If something has infinite density, that would require infinite energy to move it. Nothing in our universe creates infinite energy. We have finite energy and matter in our universe, it is simply not possible.

To make infinite energy you have to make more energy then you put in. And with entropy and the laws of conservation of matter and energy, it is impossible to make more energy then you put in. You always lose energy cause of entropy, and it cannot be used, and the conservation of matter and energy means you cannot create nor destroy matter or energy. You can convert matter into energy, but you never do destroy it.

This is why a perpetual motion machine is impossible to make, entropy will not allow it.

So, what have we learned?

Nothing with mass can travel at the speed of light or faster then it. What has mass?

Anything that is solid, anything that is matter has mass, density. So thus anything with mass equals infinite mass at the speed of light, then needing infinite energy to move it, matter can not be moved that fast. None of the current laws of physics allow it. And even if you could do it, you would die instantly, so it would not be worth it.

Now, lets look at this theory.

Light itself has no mass, cause if it had any, it would require infinite energy to move that photon. As such, photons must have no mass, even neutrinos move slightly slower then the speed of light, cause they almost have no mass.

So, speeding light up to a point it is faster then light makes it solid.

That does not make any sense. If it became solid it would gain density and mass, cause that is what a solid is. If that is the case, the particle accelerator that supposedly did this would destroy itself, cause to be a solid it requires mass, and mass moving faster then light is impossible.

Like steam, steam coming out of a boiling pot. It is not a solid, it has no definite shape or volume, no density really.

Same with a gas.

If a gave you a block of lead, you can see it, feel it, it has definite shape and volume, density.

Light is also not a particle singularly, but also a wave of pure electromagnetic energy.

I just do not see how that can work, unless they just mean if you move some light faster then the speed of light, slower moving light would be deflected by the faster moving light, basically the slower photon running into the faster photon. That makes sense. It is something I have kind of heard.

If you move faster then the speed of light, can you run into a beam of light?

Well getting beyond all the reasons that is impossible based on the current model of physics we have, my thought is it would just deflect all the photons off of you, cause you have density and mass, and it does not. The bigger object pushes the smaller object out of the way. Simple inertia. I do not see it being solid where you could like pick up a piece of light like a block or anything.

I hope I made sense.

Recently scientists have purported at one mass accelerator they moved a neutrino faster then the speed of light. Neutrino's have some mass.

I have not heard if it is true or not, scientists were scrambling to figure out if it was faulty equipment giving this data, or if it really happened.

If it did then a lot of what I said is shaky at best. But if it did not happen, I do not see light being solid. If photons have mass, then I could see them being made solid in a way. But for now I just do not see it.

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Patrician of Ankh-Morpork

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PostSubject: Re: FTL and a possible theory   Sun 08 Jan 2012, 11:43 am

But this thing does help explain the creation of some objects in the universe like planets and stars. Since the universe expands faster than the speed of light, then it does give us something to think about. I should research a little bit more about this subject. Later though. Not interested now, lol.


Anything posted on this account before 7/14/2012 was actually Patches.
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PostSubject: Re: FTL and a possible theory   

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FTL and a possible theory
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