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PostSubject: Re: URGENT NEWS FOR THE WHOLE WORLD   Sun 11 Mar 2012, 1:44 pm

Oh I agree China is no super power, not yet at all. They just have the fastest growing economy in the world, which makes them a tad more serious then before. And yeah, huge population decline because of their stupid one child laws. Just does not work very well to limit reproduction like that.

Was reading a study, that every time the government gets involved with human reproduction, populations have huge declines, and not the good kinds.

I was only using an extreme point lol, not a literal example. Lesser of two evils. Let the UN get involved sure, but if only one country HAS to get involved, I prefer it being the US then most other countries, unless it involves those countries, and then they should do it themselves unless they need help, if that makes sense.

And, there are always exceptions to the rule. Yay, the UN helped in Libya, great, good for them. Does not mean they do anything still. Queen of England may use her power to do something, does not change the fact she is a figurehead and rarely does anything. I may sound like I hate the UN, but I would like them to get involved more involved. If this Libya thing was a turn towards that, good. If it takes years before they do something again, all the same to me.

Yeah yeah I know I said I was done possibly but felt like commenting again. For now not horrible arguing just points lol.

And I want to say, it is nice to see someone like you sometimes Joural, someone that actually cares and is informed, because you know what you are talking about, not just random hate/rant speech being thrown at America, whether I agree or not, you raise valid points. I tip my hat to you sir.

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PostSubject: Re: URGENT NEWS FOR THE WHOLE WORLD   Wed 18 Apr 2012, 1:26 am

Their aims to try and build early-response radio systems and schools is admirable but direct military intervention on a large scale isn't exactly what's needed. And the full extent of the situation in Uganda isn't very well portrayed in the Kony 2012 film. As stated several times before: Uganda is just as guilty, if not more so of mass-murder, corruption, and the use of child-soldiers.

There's also the argument that needs to be examined on whether or not a bush-general in Africa whose been active for thirty-years now is at peak health and whether or not he'd be dead or bed-ridden now, thus making arrest sort of unneeded. He's also long-since bailed Uganda.

And if you get rid of him, then what? Africa isn't a simple place and getting rid of one man isn't going to solve of its problems. Especially with such an eerie resemblance of "White Man's burden" going on.

This isn't also accounting for the accountability of Invisible Children. Which won't even put much of the money you donate forward for the cause. A majority of their funds go into their own payroll and funding these propaganda campaigns. Only a small fraction will go to Uganda. AND, them not being a government the donations are not protected by international law so therefore the Ugandan government can do all they want with it (or any other government the cash'll go to).

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