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 Uh... I'm a dumbass. Yeah. Definitely.

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Solace Goddark

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PostSubject: Uh... I'm a dumbass. Yeah. Definitely.   Sun 26 Aug 2012, 6:47 pm

Okay, so I'm sitting here, on this computer, listening to Linkin Park's album Living Things, and I just start thinking. About my shortcomings in my short life, all of my flaws, and then I try to think of things that are good about me. I can't think of a damn thing. So then I start thinking about this place, a place I never go because it's been too damn long, and I think I'll never fit in because I'm never around. But I'm thinking, and this is the only place I know of where I can post ideas and shit I'd otherwise disregard as completely stupid. Why is this in General Discussion? I have no idea. Maybe the wrong place for it.


I keep thinking about ideas for RPs, only... not really roleplays so much as standalone stories that have no input from anyone other than myself. This is not really the place for such a thing. So I keep thinking. And thinking. I grab my 3DS and start playing a Pokemon, stop thinking. Then, I think of something that might be a little too personal. A little RP that has my own character's backstory as somewhat of my own life. But, I have no idea where this would go, if anywhere, or if I can keep coming back here to try and keep it running. Considering I have a "life", consisting of being on the computer, eating shitty foods, and playing video games and watching videos on YouTube. I don't know the purpose of this thread. Maybe just to talk about my perfectly fine life that has no real problems like a complete jackass. I don't know. I'm spoiled.


So... I'm still thinking. And I think I'm gonna have a heart attack from eating nothing but junk and fast food... Yeah. This is meaningless. I'm gonna go back to listening Linkin Park now. Kthxbai

There is nothing here. Just letting you know.
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Uh... I'm a dumbass. Yeah. Definitely.
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