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 The Hunger for Adam , Intrest Check

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PostSubject: The Hunger for Adam , Intrest Check   Sat 20 Apr 2013, 2:53 pm

The Hunger for Adam (strategy)

In the Atlantic Ocean.

At New years eve 1959 it started.
The city for the rich , the smart , the successful an city where no government or religion dictates what people should do. A place where no morality or the weak stop progress and the market.
The city of Rapture was built by a man who knew what the parasites of the surface could do. A city on the bottom of the ocean build by and for an ideal of total freedom.
The city prospered , its existence unknown to the world. Men came from far and wide all invited to live in the city.
All of it chan
ged once a simple slug had been found. One of the buggers had crawled through the toilet and had bitten a cripple architect. It left quite the strange bite. And the man went to the doctor. But that was the weird part he ran to the doctor he had never gained that ability since his birth. The Slugs were researched , the man who had been bitten got a slime that the slug produced in his blood veins. The slime had stem cells in it. Something which wasn’t found naturally anywhere in the world. It could be a giant breakthrough in science.

Many of the prominent biologist and geneticists began researching this Adam for maybe use it to fill their pockets. The Adam was being worked on refined. But there was to little to use to research or experiential with it. But it was discovered the slug could live as an symbiote in a persons body. Subjects were tested and young little girls seemed the most effective. They became walking Adam factories.

Soon the first prototype products came. Tonics ,these concoctions of Adam made men stronger , faster and agiler.

It was called splicing , the adam would rewrite the genetic code. After tonics came Plasmids which would give people incredible powers run on eve. Another product of Adam which could power the plasmids. From shooting fire or electricity from your hand.
Splicing became everyday work and research accelerated into medical research , facelifts ,new plasmids and tonics. But soon it became apparent the production of Adam could not grow to the need. Especially with the side effects….

Apparantly constantly rewriting your DNA isn’t great for your mind or your health.
So the Little sisters (the little girls inplanted with a slug) needed to recycle adam in dead people but they became open targets for splicers. So Research made the Big Daddy an heavily Spliced man in an armored suit and an biological bound between the sister and the Big Daddy to get maximum protection and efficienty.

People became misformed and insane. First it were some bursts blamed on the lack of sunlight. But it became murder.and violence and insanity. The people’s body became dependable on adam. Yet the adam which was slowly making them lose grip in reality was making them stronger. They were much stronger than normale humans and much more dangerous.

Now here you are in Rapture , You could be spliced to hell , or just an unfortunate man / woman who came here right during or after the complete disintegration of civilization in rapture. No what? A city full of technology and wonders still remain will you retake and rebuild rapture or do you just want to feed your growing need for Adam your choice.

This is an roleplay based on the bioshock games. It might be a long intro but so that the people who don’t know the game are better prepared.

The Goals of the game is yours but probaply survival.
The best chance to survive in rapture is getting yourself your own private army of splicers and get yourself some adam and tonics and Plasmids.

A Simple map with names.

Description of special zones:
hall of rapture: An entire building dedicaited to the founding and propaganda of Rapture. Manny mechanical puppets and shows. Not much food or room but enfough equipment to salvage.

Arrive: The Main place where new vistors are found. Its only special thing about is. If in your sheet you jus tarrived as Rapture had gone to hall that you start there , also if your unspliced and still sane you can use arrival to get Surface help if you have the means to reach the land.

Medbay: A place with beds and medical supplies. Yet many crazy doctors.

Amusement: Filled with all kinds of art and entertainment facilities.

Red Circles show where Adam is and how much in an area.

science: Pret usefull the only place where you as the player can Develop new Tonics and Plasmids an create them. Yet you need Much Adam for that.

To start the RP of the kind splicers and Adam Products will remain limited. Later new kidns of splciers will shows up naturaly

Known Splicer Types


Currently existing Tonics and plasmids


Big Daddies


Player starts to be chosen off:

Where am I ?: Completly knew to Rapture you wonder why the place isn't like the brochure. You don't know anything about Adam , eve or whatt the hell it is. Your afreid but you start of with a group of normale people. You start at arrivel

God Dam splicers: You lived in Rapture during this hellish periode. But yo uchoose not to use Adam seemed yo uwere one of the wiser ones

ADAM!ADAM!: Oke your an FD up splicer , I wonder how the hell your organizing.

Player Sheet
Player name:
Name Character:
Appearence (foto is optional)
Player start of position:
History of your live: (when some facts or histor yis not quite straight I suggest looking up the wiki or just do something simple)

(There is no player Mpa yet. The Map shown is for starting locations and to show where Adam and how much is located in a place. Map will Variate from time to time)

No telephoning for research
Be respectfull
Listen your admin/moderator overlords.
No OPING , no sudden massive addam finds or fee tonics and plasmids. You want Adam fight a big Daddy for it.

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The Hunger for Adam , Intrest Check
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