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 Playable Crowdsourced Formal Verification

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PostSubject: Playable Crowdsourced Formal Verification   Wed 19 Feb 2014, 11:23 pm

Perhaps some of y'all are old enough (>= 18) to legally play some of these games. They're an interesting mixture of computer science and storytelling, and for a good cause - the security of open-source software. (It is funded by DARPA, which you might object to.)

There's some trailers and a small amount of coverage online - here, for instance. (Please ignore most of the commenters.)

Each game should be reasonably challenging. The reason people are being crowdsourced to solve these problems is because current software lacks their creativity (and experts are too rare/expensive).

Verigames site

(I'd put this in GD with the videogame stuff, but it's science-y too, I think. Hopefully the title will suffice to attract gamers with time to spare.)

the density function of the normal distribution
a discrete sampling, up to variance and cutoff
1d6 - 1d6

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Playable Crowdsourced Formal Verification
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