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 Star Wars: Escape from the Empire

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PostSubject: Star Wars: Escape from the Empire   Thu 10 Mar 2016, 3:39 am


Episode I

      Seventeen years before the Battle of Yavin, Telos and 
      the other planets of the Kwymar sector face their last 
 hours as free worlds, aligned with the Rebel forces.

         The Empire has pushed their defensive lines back again 

     and again, edging into their space with ever-growing 
           forces. When battle spreads to the surface of the planets 
   themselves, there will be a lot of bloodshed before a 
    result is drawn.                                                               

             It is something that everyone at the Singlebog Cantina on

         Telos IV is all too well aware of. Those who haven’t yet 
           fled the planet have found themselves without transport 
              of their own, or the funds to procure one from increasingly
    demanding pirates.                                                         

       Murder is commonplace, and unpunished, as would-be

stowaways are tossed off ships and shot or worse. 
           Those who try to avoid the strife at the spaceport remain 
                inside the cantina itself, watching with dreaded anticipation 
  for the warning that the Empire is on their way.       

      Weapons change hands on an hourly basis, the brave 

    and the foolish either trying to steal vessels for their 
      own escape, or bunkering down for a heroic last stand
against the oppressive forces of the stormtroopers.

             Amongst the soon-to-be refugees, pirates and scoundrels, 

               an Inquisitor of the Empire watches, ready to take any who 
        attempt to use the Force to make their escape.  No-one  
  knows his or face just yet.                                           

            Blood runs smoother than credits, and the lucky few who 

         will escape before their impending doom will soon band 
         together. Maybe in co-operation, maybe in desperation...

I'm 21 years old, I didn't come up with something better to put here.

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: Escape from the Empire   Thu 10 Mar 2016, 3:39 am

Character Sheets:


[b][color=#009900]Species:[/color][/b] If droid, specific model type would be nice.
[b][color=#009900]Affinity/Role:[/color][/b] eg. Dark Jedi, Rebel Soldier, Imperial Spy, etc.

[b][color=#ff9900]Appearance:[/color][/b] Text or image link will do, can be both.


[b][color=#0066ff]Primary Skills:[/color][/b] Max 2. (Core skills that will apply regularly: Eg; Repair, Healing, Piloting, Force Affinity. Can acquire 3rd at set point, or leave slot open for training.)

[b][color=#0066ff]Secondary Skills:[/color][/b] Max 4. (Situational skills that may or may not help a given situation. Can acquire 5th and 6th slot at set point, same as Primary.) Eg; Navigation, Charm, Sharpshooting, Expansive Knowledge/Wookiepedia quoting.

[b][color=#ff0000]Notes:[/color][/b] Important backstory details or quirks.

[b]Other:[/b] Anything not covered above, can be dropped.

Player: Sadie


Player: JazzTap



Player: Snowy


Player: Ji


Player: Patches


I'm 21 years old, I didn't come up with something better to put here.

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: Escape from the Empire   Thu 10 Mar 2016, 3:40 am

Affinity/Role/Skill List:

These are all guidelines to act as a quick reference, if one wished their character to defer to another for example. The only hard rule would be no force-specific skills for non-force users, obviously. Everything else can be mix-matched at will.

Also keep in mind that these are just suggestions, if you want something added just let me know.


Force Users:

Jedi can be dark, Sith can be light.


Non-Force Users:




Inquisitor: ??? (Player character may or may not be revealed as Inquisitor at some point.)

Primary Skills:

Secondary Skills/Specializations:

I'm 21 years old, I didn't come up with something better to put here.

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: Escape from the Empire   Thu 10 Mar 2016, 7:02 am

The Story So Far:

Prologue - The Eleventh Hour:


Singlebog Town:

Ship Name:

Noteworthy Things:

Latent Force sensitive are very much acceptable. If you wish a character to develop their powers at a later point in the RP, go right ahead when the turning point occurs, or leave a skill slot open until which path to follow is decided.

Galactic Presence:

There will be two hidden meters that track the following things of the group as a whole:

Force Disturbance - This determines the level of interest that the Emperor will take in the group. Starting at lack of interest, developing and using powerful abilities adds to this meter, which at times will cause the Emperor to send in more powerful enemies to track down the group.

This may cumulate into an attack by Darth Vader at the height of interest.

Very rarely will there be opportunities to view this meter, but they cannot be missed unintentionally.

Bounty - This determines the total amount of credits placed on capturing or killing members of the group. Higher levels will lead to more frequent betrayals by crime syndicates and other neutral parties, and make bribes far more costly. They can also draw the attention of specialized bounty hunters, topping off at Boba Fett and his crew.

The bounty can be paid off, either through direct credits/trading in valuable objects or by taking out targets that also carry a bounty. Viewing this meter will require visiting a non-hostile syndicate to have them determine the rough count.


As the Empire pushes to crush the first wave of Rebel worlds into submission, there will be quite a number of battles across the galaxy. Some may occur in the direct path of the group, or on a planet they need to land on. Others may be out of the way, but have some level of significance to any one of the crew, or their overall goals.

In the wake of battle comes occupation, which can often lead to a lack of resources, especially medicine. A smuggler's dream opportunity to make a good profit can quickly turn to disaster as disease spirals out of control, but such is the risk taken to earn much needed funds.

To try and maintain order, and a sense of prosperity in the Empire, there are many festivals and large performances staged that could provide an alternative means of funding. Whether it be through coercing people of status to support the Rebels, or staging theft of those who are staunchly loyal to the Empire itself...

Artifacts/Key Targets:

Many items of Jedi origin were scattered across the galaxy following the rise of the Empire, some by the surviving Jedi themselves. Most were taken from their gutted places of power, sold off to collectors and shady people, all of which are certain to fetch high value now. Whether that be in credits, or power to the crew itself is up for debate.

Sith artifacts are notably rarer, carrying far more risk to possess given the Emperor's extreme desire to acquire what few remain. Their worth to certain individuals may very well be limitless.

A great many items, and people, are desired by the neutral parties of the galaxy as well. The lust of the Hutts in particular, for riches and slaves, could prove to be the safest, and most lucrative sources of money, for those who can stomach the blood trade they thrive in.

I'm 21 years old, I didn't come up with something better to put here.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: Escape from the Empire   Fri 11 Mar 2016, 3:30 am

Player: JazzTap

Name: Morana
Age: Past its prime
Gender: Indiscernible
Species: Shistavanen, we think, maybe
Affinity/Role: Aing-Tii Conductor

Appearance: Skull-masked, robustly built, quadrupedal.
Like so:

Character song:
Nous sommes la forêt énorme et murmurante,
Pleine d'ombre éblouie et de sombre splendeur


Primal. Majestic. Understands, but doesn't speak Basic.

Primary Skills: Force Affinity (death / movement), Survival
Secondary Skills: Dark Powers, Melee Expertise, Intimidation, Observation

Notes: Not in full control of its powers, which are prone to fizzle or go haywire. 'Trained' by xenophobic warrior-monks from a world within an impassable rift, which is to say, it met them once and promptly decided to reorganize its entire life. Higher truths will do that to you.

By taking Melee without Combat, I mean good in a brawl, bad in a squad. (Since, bear.) Morana is liable, specifically, to get caught up in a fight to the neglect of allies and objectives. It targets slavers specifically, which is probably what it's been up to lately.

I seek permission to pass as & attempt to chat with the dead (in as ambiguous a way as possible - more like consulting the collective wisdom, or making a Holmesian deduction), to telekinesis small items, and to have an uncanny sense of direction.

Am aiming to eventually - with the same set of complications, - trap a dying soul, cast Force Storm, and fly as a bird. Having cribbed these from the Class Warfare (Dungeon World) spell lists. A cut-down version of flow-walking would suit as an ult, if we ever hit a very mystical moment - send an ally somewhere informative, or a defeated enemy somewhere traumatizing.

If no-one in the party is good at languages, I'll bring along a protocol droid's head or something. If the rest of the party wants to work the black market without a powder keg in tow, lemme roll something different.

The name is a bird pun which ceases to work when you're not the last Corvid of your kind. I'll swap it out. Perhaps yoink Enkidu.

((Ah, and if I've jumped the gun, I can take this post down if you need to reserve further OPs or anything.))

the density function of the normal distribution
a discrete sampling, up to variance and cutoff
1d6 - 1d6

Δ ◦○◦ й

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: Escape from the Empire   Fri 11 Mar 2016, 6:55 pm

Okay, I think this is everything.

Player: Snowy

Name: Alegran Stonick
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affinity/Role: Grey Sith

Appearance: Caucasian descent, sun-bleached and weather-beaten. His clothes are clean, new, and comfortable; black pants with plenty of large pockets, sturdy boots, a long-sleeved shirt, and a lightweight hooded cloak. Most notable is his heavy limp, protecting his right side with its foot turned out at an odd angle. He walks with a four-foot metal cane that collapses into three telescoping sections when not in use. His armaments include a small blaster pistol and a sturdily-constructed knife.

Personality: He could easily be mistaken for a run of the mill hedonist, but he’s really just happy not to be marooned away from all living human contact anymore. It’s amazing how you miss little things like on-demand music and cold water when you’re stuck without them for a long time.
This planet is literally the first place he’s ended up since then, and he’s steadily realizing to his horror that this isn’t the world he left; it’s the world he was told he would help build, built without him. For that, he harbors a deep resentment for the Empire, or at least its administration. That said, he doesn’t have a quibble with the common man, so despite identifying as a Sith, he doesn’t have a tendency to be scenery-chewingly evil. He’ll be manipulative and take advantage, and rob and cheat and steal, but you won’t catch him strangling the underlings anytime soon… unless that actually becomes the advantageous thing to do.

Primary Skills: Force Affinity, Diplomacy
Secondary Skills: Observation, Survival, Dark force powers, Persuasion

Notes: Alegran started off as a padawan during the Clone Wars, seeing active service on the front lines with his master. Near the end of the war, investigating a Count Dooku sighting, the two of them were cornered by separatist forces - and the man himself. Alegran was terrified, but his master was calm and collected and ran out to take the fight to the enemy. Alegran learned that day the meaning of “hero”: "particularly messy casualty.”

There wasn’t much after that he could do. He’d heard the lightsaber shut off, and he’d felt his master’s death through the Force. He wasn’t a fighter, not like his master. So he took the only option he had and stepped out with his hands up in surrender, fully expecting to join his master’s burn-covered body. But instead, he heard something he hadn’t expected. “Spare him,” said the sonorous voice. “You deserve a better master than than the Jedi gave you.”

Dooku’s last apprentices had all turned out to be busts, and he needed a replacement; having an already somewhat-capable Force user drop into his lap and hand himself over willingly was a stroke of luck. For the next several weeks, Alegran’s “training” consisted largely of various forms of torture; whether this was how actual Sith training worked, or whether he was just being tested to see if he was a plant was never entirely certain. For his first real training challenge, at least that he would consider recognizable as such, Dooku dropped him off on Korriban with only his wits and his lightsaber, with instructions that he would return soon, and Alegran was to fend for himself during that time.

Three days later, the Separatists invaded Coruscant, and Count Dooku was beheaded.

Days turned into weeks, and Alegran became certain that he’d been left to die. Lacking any transportation, he subsisted through hunting, and eventually learning to commune with the ancient Sith spirits for companionship and instruction. His lightsaber ran out of power about two months in despite his best attempts at conserving it, and he was forced to resort to stone spears and Force trickery. But such an approach isn’t without risks. One of the native creatures took a chunk out of his leg, and it never healed properly.

But he didn’t come out of it without some gains. The spirits led him to a yet-unspoiled grave holding an old red gem from an amulet - suitable for use in a lightsaber, replacing his old crystal, and he learned much from the spirits during his two years of exile.

Eventually, treasure hunters found their way to his neck of the woods, and Alegran hitched a ride off-planet with them. Then, once safely on course, he killed them for having desecrated his favorite gravesite for meditation. On the hyperspace journey, he set about restoring and recharging his lightsaber, only to find that without any means of maintenance, the dead power cells had corroded most of the inner workings. Most of the damaged components were reparable, but the energy modulation circuits were destroyed. Once set down on Telos IV, he hawked the old crew’s equipment and droid for money and bought new clothes and hired a machinist to build him a customized cane that would fit his lightsaber in. The cane was finished earlier today, though the missing parts haven’t become available. He’s been largely ignoring the invasion for the time being, taking a couple of days to enjoy the civilized things, like plentiful water, food, and clean clothes. He hasn’t fully caught up on news fof the galaxy at large, but it’s quite obvious that the Sith-ruled galaxy he was supposed to help make happened without him, and he’s angry that he missed his chance to be part of history.

Other: Alegran’s cane is about four feet long, with a perpendicular grip. The blade emitter comes out of the base of the grip, parallel to the shaft. The switch is concealed in the inside of the handle and can only be activated with the Force, as with any of the important functions. The emitter is hidden under a panel. The handle holds a recessed storage compartment. The cane can collapse to half its original length when not in use. There is a flashlight pointing downwards on the side of the shaft, and there is a concealed autoinjector in the tip, loaded with four ampoules of stolen prescription sedative.


Anything posted on this account before 7/14/2012 was actually Patches.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: Escape from the Empire   Sat 12 Mar 2016, 9:34 am

Player: Ji

Name:  Raan Usiara
Age: 20
Gender:  Male
Species:  Human
Affinity/Role: Grey Soldier

Appearance:   He has an almost light, sunweathered skin tone, with signs of work and effort heavy on his relatively angular face. His manner of dress is perhaps typical for his line of work, suspicious heavily layered open faced garments, a shirt under an uninsulated jacket under a vest, to provide large amounts of silhouette padding, easy access to inner pockets within, and be relatively comfortable in the climate controlled city centers and regions to which he was occasionally accustomed. His utilitarian style of dress followed down to his reinforced boots, and tough, pocket heavy pants.  

Personality:  At least personally considering himself to be calm, and collected, Raan is quick to think, and seemingly always is at least in the middle of formulating a plan, if he doesn't have one already. This is not to speak to the character of his plans, merely his overall tendency to move quickly in mind and body. Not especially outgoing, he has a very insular air, keeping to himself when not on the job, preferring to go unnoticed, and to avoid interfering with others. Fairly self centered and jaded, he is usually more concerned with his continued survival, or credits, than any sense of morality by this point in his life.

Primary Skills: Piloting, Infiltration

Secondary Skills: Blaster Expertise, Lightsaber Expertise, Mixed Powers, Negotiation

Notes: Raan started life as many did on the Outer Rim, parents missing or dead, and foraging for themselves. Raan usually gives three or four different answers as to what his home planet was, due to an early life of stowing away between ships, raiding from spaceports and stations, and trying to get by. Eventually at seven years, the human stumbled upon a direction in life, as he attempted to pick the pocket of a blind man, only to be caught red handed, a yellow blade of energy at his throat. On that day, he had his first interaction with his future master, Fazgo, the exiled Jedi. Fazgo was a Miraluka, former member of the Jedi order, having left the order two years prior, in 32 BBY, mere months before the invasion Conferderacy's of Naboo. Fazgo had become increasingly unstable as he'd aged, hallucinations and visions haunting his force vision as often as he saw what was real, he'd systematically alienated his compatriots, and eventually banished himself before anyone could try to stop him.

Raan, whom Fazgo had noticed was at least faintly force sensitive, followed half willing and half under coercion, behind the “wise Jedi knight” who had taken him as his ward, experienced a marked increase in stability in his life, for what it was worth, spending a month or two in one place, until Fazgo decided “they” were too close, and the pair must flee. The years saw Raan become a padawan, and a man, and a warrior, as his master instructed, insisting that he build a legacy to stop “them”.

Raan would never know who they were, however, his master always talking in circles and riddles, and he would never get to ask. In 13 BBY, while the clone wars raged on in the galaxy, his master was murdered aboard a spacestation over Nar Shaddaa, a fact Raan would only discover as he returned with the supplies he'd been collecting for the next leg of their trip, and discovering the lifeless body of his master, marked with blaster bolts, but left in the open, with nobody willing or able to attest to his murderer.

Eventually, Raan moved on with his life, and took what training he had to ply the trade of a mercenary in the outer edges of the rim, letting the instabilities of the era keep the credits rolling towards him.


Has an arsenal consisting of a Model 434 Blaster Pistol. (usually warn near the hip) A relatively simple, run of the mill lightsaber, clearly constructed of salvaged, if painstakingly restored, material. The blade glows a soft white. (Formerly worn on his other hip, has since been nested into inner coat pockets in the days following the Jedi Purge.) And his “secret weapon”, a modified 8-guage scattergun he'd picked up in his travels, with most of the barrel simply removed, to allow him to quickdraw the loud handcannon (which now sits on his other hip.

Not especially proud of it, but it was getting late, and I promised I'd finish before I went to bed, sorry, I'll probably edit this later. But it's a start.

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: Escape from the Empire   Thu 17 Mar 2016, 4:22 pm

I see your impressive detail, and raise you... something else. I could be overreaching, and so tried to balance out this cohort's usefulness.

Player: JazzTap

Name: 5A-EF
Age: 3
Gender: Drone
Species: RA-7 Protocol Droid (head only)
Affinity/Role: Caged Bird

Appearance: As stock. Bug eyes, skull-like vocabulator, forehead badge-thingy usually buried in Morana's neck-scruff. Hangs from a chain on hooks soldered to its cheekbones.

Personality: Confident. Occasionally could be considered suave. Considers itself Morana's handler, who happens to also be its valued interpreter, who should probably still avoid getting any big ideas... if it's even capable.

Primary Skills: Contacts (enemy intel)
Secondary Skills: Languages, Sabotage

"We all know it's a spy. Why haven't you thrown it out yet?"

[Snuff, snuff. Growl.]

"Master points out that I've voluntarily shared my knowledge - for instance, of the bounty recently placed by that one fellow whose pleasure palace we liberated, - and will surely continue to do so."

[Chiding growl.]

"...on pain of dismantlement, yes. But, really, I'm glad to fight the good fight! Especially when these kinds of threats aren't being made."

Other: Capable of maintenance - knowing how to hack hardware is almost the same as knowing how to fix it, - but only knows the particulars of RA-7 units, and is at the mercy of whomever it's trying to instruct without demonstration.

Probably knows how to adjust a(n RA-7) droid's loyalty without wiping its memory. Convincing it to undergo brain surgery whilst still conscious would be another matter.

the density function of the normal distribution
a discrete sampling, up to variance and cutoff
1d6 - 1d6

Δ ◦○◦ й
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: Escape from the Empire   Sun 27 Mar 2016, 4:12 pm

Player: Patches

Name: Barrigarter “Barry” Oai [pronounced “way”], (“Barry Oai”, “Baron/Baron Oai”, “Captain Oai”, “Cannibal of the Outer Rim”)
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Human, Mandalorian
Affinity/Role: Criminal Soldier

Appearance: A buff, brawny, rugged man of the no-good sectors of space, taking frequent pit stops at the docks of Nar Shadaa, we've all seen men like these. This man carries with him an air quite unlike the typical thugs – an air that emanates power and influence over the feeble-minded, like a dark mist radiating from his person. Slightly aged, to boot, not just any young scrappy scoundrel that took a wrong turn. Scarred, grim face accentuated by salt and pepper hair and a full thick beard about three inches in length. Tanned skin. Barrigarter has the build and stance of a brawler. The signature look is an open tattered black trench coat baring his barreled chest. Scarred by blades and blaster fire burns alike, he has taken many beatings and clearly has come out of these trials alive. Under his coat is an armored vest of rancor leather. The reinforced scales being particularly placed over his spine and heart. A belt and harness keeps his attire in shape and leaves a lot of room to conceal weaponry under his coat, as well as a holster by his knee for him to pull a blaster with ease.

Personality: Bringing you this side of the galaxy's best-selling novel, “Your Best Interests, Unconsidered”. He takes care of his own, but at a minimum. He's a big believer in survival of the fittest, and if you can't defend for yourself, you've forfeit your life. He has a cold air to him, and you know that, even if he was on your side, he'd have your back until you actually need him. Mercy is a foreign concept, or at least, mercy as any regular person would know it as. He has built for himself a reputation as a mean bastard. If there was a magazine, he might score in the top 50,000 scariest people in the whole galaxy. He cares little for the empire or the resistance. Sith? He'd kill a Sith. Then sell the Sith's body on the black market. Jedi, however, are a much rarer commodity. Regardless... he aims to misbehave.

Primary Skills: Combat, Survival

Secondary Skills: Blaster Expertise, Intimidation, Entertainment (Leadership?), Navigation

Notes: The aforementioned reputation was gained in a particular way: pirate hunting. Not just pirates, really, any criminals. Now, this doesn't put him on the side of the civilians, no. He'd plunder those poor saps, too. But Barrigarter is the only one that has made deliberate, methodical habits in hunting pirates. The philosophy behind this practice is such: you're a pirate. The goal is to plunder. Get rich. Be feared by opposition. Who always has plunder? Other pirates. Plunder of some kind, at least. Poor settlements or merchant ships are easy marks, but what are the odds of them carrying a whole lot? Now, pirates – pirates, on the the other hand, often have plundered at least one mark. A pirate that has stolen three marks worth of valuables, you can take in just one go, instead of three. In addition, you gain a greater amount of fear from opposition. Sure, they're often dangerous ships capable of defending themselves. But that is why your ship is modified in such a way that it is specialized in ship hunting. Buzz droids, cannons, and grappling cords that can strip a ship of its hull, with specialized thrusters. This earned him the notorious title of “Cannibal of the Outer Rim”.

Unfortunately, there was a coalition of criminals and pirates that set up a trap for him and his ship. Barrigarter's escape pod barely escaped all the blaster fire. As news of his ship's fate spread, his small fleet dispersed, as a crew without a captain was not long to stay. Now wandering various systems, back from the dead but hiding his name, he looks for a ship so that he can exact his revenge on whoever was responsible for the organized attack on him. He wants them to remember that you can't cross him and get away with it. Oh, and top of losing a very nice ship, he also lost his favorite gun. The T-7 ion disruptor. Very hard to find.

Other: Weapons include a 9118 heavy carbine in his leg holster (looks like a big ass blaster pistol, or basically, a sawed off heavy blaster rifle), and a DXR-6 disruptor rifle.

Barrigarter is force sensitive, but he doesn't know it and neither does he believe in or care about the force. However, it is safe to say that it has some sort of influence on his, uh... influence. That chill that crawls up people's spines? Hard to tell to anyone who isn't force sensitive, but assuming that the captain was set upon the path of practicing the force, he could have very well been a powerful Sith or Jedi. That time is long past now.


Anything posted on this account before 7/14/2012 was actually Snowy.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: Escape from the Empire   

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Star Wars: Escape from the Empire
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