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PostSubject: ahoyyyo   Sun 04 Jun 2017, 11:33 pm

I haven't thought about this site in a long time and the last post is from September but the member list thing says people have still been visiting

what do you guys do

i make bread at home and play overwatch a lot and work as a dishwasher. i'm making bread right now! its got cranberries. i'm gonna take a cna course this fall and then work towards becoming an RN.

see first post of 2017 go ooo fucking hog wild on this one

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PostSubject: Re: ahoyyyo   Thu 08 Jun 2017, 3:10 am

As you've seen we're in the Discord now and that's about it! We play some different games, and I think have at least one other Overwatch. We have different jobs and school now too.

We could make this thread about that, depending on who volunteers.

I do math on computers for grad school; it's about population dynamics and ostensibly has medical applications, because bacteria are great, and so are other cells*.

*when they aren't revolting, literally though, cancer just ignores the signal to self-terminate

the density function of the normal distribution
a discrete sampling, up to variance and cutoff
1d6 - 1d6

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PostSubject: Re: ahoyyyo   Thu 08 Jun 2017, 4:04 pm

I'm watchin Static Shock!

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PostSubject: Re: ahoyyyo   

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