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 Primitia Canistrum

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PostSubject: Primitia Canistrum   Primitia Canistrum I_icon_minitimeSat 07 Jun 2014, 4:38 am


Welcome to Primitia Canistrum!

In this game, you will take control of an empire of any species you choose, and lead it to either prosperity or ruin. This game is turn-based. You may tell me what your empire is to do, and when every turn ends (every few days), I'll update the map, and provide a summary of the results of your empire's actions (research, building, fighting wars, etc), as well as everyone else's actions. You may use this topic to also post diplomatic messaging, slice-of-life descriptions, or just your head-of-state's musings as they rule their despotic empire. The beginning technology level is the invention of radio. Late-joiners will be given small perks to prevent them from being left in the dust (i.e. they'll start in the nuclear age, if everyone has already progressed to the space age).

List of Planets:
(9th Planet, below solar system map) Cantis Majora: Gas giant, entirely gas, Jupiter-like.
All of these planets and moons are in the pyramid to the right of the solar system.
(9th Planet's Moon, bottom outer right) Cantis Minora: Large moon, Ganymede-like.
(1st Planet, bottom inner right) Helion: Terrestrial planet, orange is magma, Venus-like.
(2nd Planet, bottom inner left) Drift: Terrestrial planet, medium atmosphere, tan is sand, brown is rock, Arrakis-like.
(3rd Planet, bottom outer left) Katania: Terrestrial planet, medium-thick atmosphere, entire planet is essentially the Carribean.
(4th Planet, middle center) Dolse: Terrestrial planet, Mars-like.
(5th Planet, middle right) Tonesh: Terrestrial planet, Earth-like, alternative species.
(6th Planet, middle left)  Kaldum: Terrestrial planet, Earth-like.
(7th Planet, top left) Alderia: Terrestrial planet, Earth-like, cold.
(8th Planet, top right) Fornia: Gas giant, mostly gas, some floating rock islands which are brown, Saturn-like.

Beginning Template:
Empire Name:
Empire Color:
Starting Location:
Species Name:
Species Description (Only if custom species):
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PostSubject: Re: Primitia Canistrum   Primitia Canistrum I_icon_minitimeSat 07 Jun 2014, 5:30 am

The Research Faction of Tonesh

Ss'rho - Humanoid grasshopper-mules with an elaborate sensory apparatus. Their meat is aptly termed 'calamari'. (baseline form. colors not literal.)

the density function of the normal distribution
a discrete sampling, up to variance and cutoff
1d6 - 1d6

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Primitia Canistrum
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