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  1. EropsToad
    Sun 12 Feb 2012, 11:31 am
    Message by EropsToad - Re: DCV make-up
    Fillmore: Come back into play.

    This is whack, man. I mean, I'm stuck in a palace, with Lemons tryin' to wreck me... Just not right. Not right at all.

    "Oi, Fillmore," Wheatley said, "Where do you suppose we're going?"

    "I don't know," I said.

    All of a sudden, the floor began to open up beneath us. I jumped to the right and drove for my life.

    "You know there is no escape," said a robotic voice. On the screens above us, a robot appeared.

    "Oh, no! What's SHE doing here?!" Wheatley groaned.

    "Who are you?" I asked.

    "I am the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, or GLaDOS. I am in charge of this facility."

    "Why are you opening up the floor?" I asked.

    "Isn't it obvious? She is a PSYCHOPATH," Wheatley asserted.

    "Okay, very funny, GLaDOS. Now could you let us go?" I asked.

    GLaDOS seemed to snort. "Ha. You think I'm that thick, don't you?"

    Turrets appeared all around us. I was covered in shiny red dots.

    "Oh, dear. We're dead. We are VERY dead," Wheatley whimpered.

    "RUN!" I shouted, revving my engine and driving out of there.

    "You can't get away from me that easily! I am the entire facility!" GLaDOS shouted after me.

    Appropriate Listening: Sonic Generations: VS Metal Sonic (Stardust Speedway) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhruaIwUsSw

    All along me turrets appeared all over the place. I drove as fast as I could. The ground wavered under me, and collapsed behind me.

    The ground seemed to split in two in front of me. "Oh, dear! A wrong choice will lead to our deaths for sure!" Wheatley cried.

    "Yeah, thanks for puttin' even MORE pressure on me!" I grumbled.

    I chose the right pathway.

    GLaDOS would not let up. More turrets flipped out behind me, and smashed the ground in front of me.

    "Ack!" Wheatley yelped.

    I jumped into the air.

    "Watch it!" Wheatley complained, hitting my floor.

    "Sorry, man!"

    We sped forward, GLaDOS's guns blasting after us. Another screen appeared. "Life is not as easy as you think," she said, smashing the ground below us.

    I fell from piece to piece of ground, and Wheatley was screaming as we fell.

    SMACK! We landed on a piece of scaffolding. Wheatley was still screaming.

    That's when it hit us. A soda can, that is.

    A pile of garbage splattered behind me.

    GLaDOS's face... er, single yellow optic, appeared on a screen. "It looks like it's time to take out the trash," she said.

    All of a sudden, the walls began to move in.

    Yeah, we were in a giant trash compactor. Not cool, man.

    "Well, don't just STAND there! RUN!" Wheatley cried.

    I didn't argue. I sped forward at top speed. The trash compactor was slowly edging toward us. I saw a plank with a large metal bar horizontally placed upon it. How strangely convenient.

    I stomped the plank like a see-saw. The metal bar flew into the air, and when the trash compactor reached its sides, it stuck. Gears ground and I laughed at GLaDOS. "Not so clever now, are you?" I taunted.

    Things, of course, went wrong.

    The metal bar began to bend. I gulped and sped away as fast as possible.

    I heard a snap and the trash compactor began to move again. Wheatley and I sped down the piles of trash, before hitting a conveniently placed sloped scaffold and jumping into a large trash chute. Unfortunately, Volkswagens weren't made for extreme sports, and I had a hard time driving up the chute. It didn't help that GLaDOS was sending pieces of trash flying at me.

    GLaDOS shut doors on either side of me, and the massive trash door that shone above us was grinding closed. That one must not be used often. I squinted and drove faster. I was able to speed through the door and land on the ground safely.

    Well, that is until a whole bunch of portals opened in front of me and dozens of Lemons poured out.

    "And now we're dead," Wheatley grumbled as the portals and trash chute closed.

    The Lemons pulled out their guns and sneered. "Any last requests?" asked the Trunkov in front.

    I ejected Wheatley out of my back door by whipping my body once. Wheatley was sent flying. He eyed a switch and latched on.

    All of a sudden, upbeat dance music began to play. "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW! DUN. DUN. DUN DUN DUN. DUN. DUN DUN DUN. DUN. DUN DUN DUN."

    The Lemons looked around strangely. That gave me a chance to yank Wheatley from the switch and drive out the door.
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